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Купить косметику blue lagoon iceland о косметика веледа купить

Купить косметику blue lagoon iceland

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Created from the bioactive elements of geothermal seawater—silica, algae, and minerals—Blue Lagoon skin care brings forth radiant, youthful, healthy skin. Born in volcanic aquifers meters within the earth, these bioactive treasures are the foundational elements of Blue Lagoon skin care.

Boosting collagen production and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this remarkable organism nourishes, protects, and gives you smoother, more youthful skin. Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater possesses a potent array of minerals that have energizing effects on the mind and body, stimulating circulation while hydrating and revitalizing your skin. Contact us. Shop Skincare.

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Ashish Madhok. Cindi Miles. What is the Blue Lagoon? The Blue Lagoon reopens on February 13, The Retreat Hotel is reopening for weekends on March 20, The Blue Lagoon will follow the regulations set in place by the Icelandic health authorities to maximize safety. Typically, the lagoon has fewer people in the morning, around am. While there may be fewer people in the morning, many believe the best time to visit is in the evening for a hot soak after a long day of exploring.

In the winter months, you may even be able to see the Northern Lights while you soak.

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The least popular slots to book are the first ones in the morning and the last ones in the day. There may be fewer people around at in the morning, and you may be able to book a slot with shorter notice. Even though the last slot of the day is not so popular, the lagoon will remain full since there is no limit to how long you can spend in the lagoon, and most people want to spend at least two hours in it.

Entering will take some time as you will possibly need to queue for your key, then undress and shower inside the changing rooms. After enjoying a soak in the lagoon, you might want to take your time getting ready again. The evening slots are probably the best time to visit. At the height of summer, the opening hours are until , so you might want to snatch a slot at or at the latest at , which gives you time to sightsee, have dinner, then relax in the lagoon and enjoy the midnight sun. In wintertime, however, the lagoon closes at Iceland is becoming an increasingly popular destination for the Christmas holidays.

A surprise visit to the Blue Lagoon is the perfect holiday gift. These include the silica mud mask, sauna and steam rooms, a human-made waterfall, a cave to relax inside, an in-water bar, the option to book an in-water massage, and an indoor relaxation area with a view over the lagoon itself. You can get the silica mud mask from the mud bars inside the lagoon. Cover your face with the white silica mask be careful not to put it in your eyes , let it rest for a few minutes, and then wash it off.

There is both a traditional Finnish wooden sauna and a steam bath with a window out to the lagoon. Right next to it is a human-made waterfall, and the strength of the hot water crashing down on your shoulders will relieve any tension you might have in your muscles. Enter the cave to listen to an audio guide about the Blue Lagoon in several languages. The bar is inside the lagoon, and there you can purchase both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with the plastic bracelet you received on arrival.

Make the payment when you exit the premises. There are refreshing smoothies and slushies available and red, white, and sparkling wine, beer, cider, and sodas. There is a limit of three alcoholic beverages per person while in the lagoon itself. You can book in-water massages that last from 30 minutes to two hours or book an exclusive lounge that will only accommodate a maximum of 12 people.

The relaxation massage is the foundation of all the massages at the Blue Lagoon, and you can choose between a minute session for 11, ISK or a minute session for 16, ISK. Note that these prices do not include entry to the Blue Lagoon, and you need to book this additionally. The massages are suitable for anyone ages five and up.

Different treatments are available to add on top of the massage for 11, ISK, adding 30 minutes. Your options are a full-body silica salt scrub, foot and leg silica wrap, and upper body scrub. Or you can simply choose to do the two-hour signature treatment for 29, ISK, which includes a salt scrub, silica or algae wrap, and an in-water relaxation massage.

After the invigorating scrub, you can choose between being wrapped in either silica or algae while enjoying a gentle massage on your face and scalp. The Blue Lagoon is famous for its incredible skin treatment, and a big part of this is the products. In the lagoon itself, all guests are treated to the silica mud mask, and the algae mask can also be purchased for use in the water. Additionally, guests can use the Blue Lagoon hair conditioner in the showers. Although the algae and silica mud masks are the bestsellers, along with shower gel and a foaming cleanser, there is an enormous selection of additional products for sale.

The first five products were released in and focused on treatment products. In the following decades, the skincare line expanded into cleansing, boosting, healing and nourishing products. The algae are anti-aging, the silica is strengthening, and the minerals are revitalizing. The skincare line adheres to an eco-friendly sustainability model and is harvested by way of a zero-waste process.

The Blue Lagoon has a top-notch restaurant with a view towards the lagoon. It provides you with the perfect stop for a romantic meal before or after soothing your muscles in the water. The restaurant is also suitable for relaxed lunches or family dinners. Although casual clothing is allowed, Lava restaurant is a little upscale, as expected at a spa resort, and the prices reflect that. Expect to pay a similar amount for your meal as you do for the entry to the lagoon.

But the food is delicious, so for any food lovers out there, this gourmet treat is worth it. The design surrounding Lava restaurant is gorgeous and themed using the natural lava rocks as a decoration. The restaurant is built into the lava rock, so behind the floor to ceiling windows facing the blue waters is an entire lava cliff.

The menu consists mainly of traditional Icelandic ingredients, with emphasis on the wild and flavorful. There are, of course, some vegetarian options on the menu too. The menu changes regularly, although some favorite dishes remain the same. You can expect to see Icelandic classics such as lamb, arctic char, root vegetables, langoustine, cod, and beef on it, along with Icelandic herbs, berries, and, of course, the traditional Icelandic dairy product skyr.

Only a minute walk from the Blue Lagoon itself lies the Silica Hotel. The Silica Hotel Lagoon is accessible between and This hotel is the ultimate romantic getaway. The hotel is for adults only, 18 years and older, and has rave reviews from visitors. Check availability and book your hotel stay here. In another hotel was opened at the Blue Lagoon, offering a spa within the spa. The Retreat Hotel is an exclusive luxury accommodation, offering only private suites, 62 of them in total.

The suites are 40 square meters square feet or 60 square meters square feet. Besides including access to the Blue Lagoon, all suites come inclusive with access to the exclusive and subterranean Retreat Spa, private Retreat Lagoon, and Blue Lagoon Ritual. A private host welcomes guests and offers daily group yoga sessions and group hikes. WiFi is available and hour room service, along with unlimited access to the Blue Lagoon itself. Additionally, guests have a turndown service and a concierge service with valet parking.

The suites are aimed at an exclusive clientele, and all come with a hefty price tag of up to , ISK per night. For the larger suites, the Lagoon Suite and Moss Suite, guests get a private lagoon, and a two-night minimum is required. The entire Retreat Spa is subterranean and very exclusive.

A four-hour visit includes access to the Retreat Spa, Retreat Lagoon, the Blue Lagoon, the Blue Lagoon Ritual, and provides guests with skincare amenities and private changing rooms. The Retreat Spa itself includes a steam cave, a terrace, a lava spring, and soothing lounges to relax in, one with a fireplace and another with hammocks where you can gaze out onto the beautiful lava field surrounding the building. The Retreat Lagoon is a private lagoon, only accessible to Retreat guests.

The Blue Lagoon Ritual provides guests with silica, algae, and minerals in a spacious chamber that is sure to be a healing sanctuary for all those entering. Guests have access to a butler, on-call masseuse, on-call chef, and on-call yoga instructor. The newest addition to the Blue Lagoon is Moss Restaurant. Their menu is seasonal and, therefore, ever-changing, but relies on fresh Icelandic ingredients. High-quality ingredients fill the menu, sourced straight from farmers across Iceland.

A team of esteemed chefs develop the meals and dedicate themselves to getting to know the producers and the product. Each dish is well conceptualized and meticulously delivered with a passion that is characteristic of Icelandic volcanism. Moss Restaurant is only open for dinner reservations, with the first seating at and the last at Photo by Kaspar Dzenis. The Blue Lagoon sits on the Reykjanes Peninsula.

Besides the lagoon itself, visitors coming to Iceland often overlook this area, who only see it on the journey to and from the airport. The Reykjanes Peninsula has its fair share of geothermal areas. It has a wooden path snaking its way past boiling mud pots, hot springs and hissing fumaroles, and many educational signs in the area. Gunnuhver is a large hot spring area consisting of fumaroles and mud pools that are way too hot for bathing. Lake Kleifarvatn is the largest lake on the Reykjanes peninsula and the 26th largest lake in Iceland, at about nine square kilometers.

It is around 90 meters at its deepest, making it one of the deeper lakes in Iceland. However, a couple of earthquakes in the year opened a crack that made the water level drop. Brimketill, or the Whitewater Cauldron, is a naturally shaped pool by the seaside. It is, however, a sight to see in rough weather. A viewing platform is close by, accessible for everyone. Photo by Richard Chapman. The town is by the former US Navy Base, which is now university housing and apartment blocks.

Although the Blue Lagoon is by far the most popular bathing spot in Iceland, it is hardly the only one. Water fills Iceland in every imaginable form: steaming, frozen, hissing, fresh, cool, scalding, bubbling, or muddy. It comes directly out of the showers and faucets and fills dozens of warm outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs. They receive fewer guests and are more modestly priced, and there are also fewer spa amenities and no in-water massages. It does, however, have an adjacent geothermal area.

It is located inside a human-made rectangular concrete structure, although the water comes straight from the ground. For the cheapest and most convenient alternative, head to Laugardalslaug in the capital. However, no place can fully compare to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

We highly recommend you visit the famed geothermal spa on your visit to Iceland. We hope our ultimate guide to the Blue Lagoon proved helpful to you in ensuring you make the most of your visit to Iceland. There are plenty of hot springs in Iceland to explore, but the Blue Lagoon should be well up there on your list.

Get a vacation. Book your tours. Rent a car. Find stays. Read info. Book your trip now. Guide to Iceland. Verified Expert. See more. Picture by Mark Kuiper And who knows, you might be rubbing shoulders with international celebrities when you do go. The Blue Lagoon is a spa in Iceland and is open all year round. The Blue Lagoon is not natural and formed in The Blue Lagoon offers Psoriasis treatments.

Is the Blue Lagoon Natural? Photo from Theme Inn The Blue Lagoon history dates back to when it formed next to the geothermal power plant, Svartsengi. How was the Blue Lagoon Formed? Photo from Jeff Sheldon Work on the geothermal plant Svartsengi started in , and it began operation in Some believe it is due to the mix of the dissolved minerals in the water, the blue-green algae that thrive in the water, and a type of bacteria only found in the Blue Lagoon.

These massages need to be reserved well in advance as they tend to get fully booked. Your skin is scrubbed and polished with minerals and salt as you float in the warm lagoon. Finally, indulge in a full body massage for 50 minutes. You can get an accompanying wine menu or buy drinks by the glass. Boosting collagen production and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this remarkable organism nourishes, protects, and gives you smoother, more youthful skin.

Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater possesses a potent array of minerals that have energizing effects on the mind and body, stimulating circulation while hydrating and revitalizing your skin. Contact us. Shop Skincare. Store Locations. The Elements Born in volcanic aquifers meters within the earth, these bioactive treasures are the foundational elements of Blue Lagoon skin care. Minerals Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater possesses a potent array of minerals that have energizing effects on the mind and body, stimulating circulation while hydrating and revitalizing your skin.


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